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Psalm:34 Taste and See

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Date: 23/08/2015
References: Psalm 34

Here are the application notes from Sunday’s team preach on Psalm 34. Feel free to use them in your own devotional times or as discussion and prayer prompters with your small groups or around the the family dinner table this week.

Read Psalm 34 and the story in 1 Sam 21.10 where David is hiding amongst his Philistine enemies.

v1-3 I’m going to praise God – I’m going to praise God all the time – I’m going to help others praise him too. What do you think about that attitude of gratitude? How can this be modeled more consistently in my life?

v4-10 Taste and see – Are we experiencing God’s goodness for ourselves? Seeking, looking, calling, revering? Are our lives of joyful satisfaction in God attracting a hunger in others, inviting them also to taste and see?

v11-16 How to live a life of significance – not in the ways we would assume. A life lived in God’s presence, the good you do and the evil you abstain from – this is a truly good life. Think about your routine, insignificant moments, the hidden away times in your life, the caring for the weak, a child, an elderly relative – the things God sees and values. Think about the biggest waste of your time – your prayer life! God sees value in things which we do not, let’s find his heart in this.

v17-18 The Lord is close to the broken hearted -If you’re broken, reach out to him, taste, see that he is good. If you’re really broken, rejoice – the Lord is close at hand! Be confident that he hears you as you pray, listens as you cry out to him.

v19-22 The righteous do not have perfect lives – but we have God with us and for us in the midst of our affliction. Consider how God may be preparing blessing in the presence of your opposition rather than in the absence of it.

Read through the Psalm again and take some time to pray it over your life and those who you are with.

Use this song based around Psalm 34 to help you worship in response. https://youtu.be/HZdDahSRZHU

Remember: There is NO Sunday meeting next week (30th August) because 120 of us are away at the New Ground weekend in Ashburnham.

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