Crawley Community Church


Connect: A diverse church, equipped to impact the local community and beyond

You are very welcome to visit any of our meetings or groups to find out more about us. However, the expectation of New Testament Christians is to be added into a local church family rather than float from church to church or try to do life on their own.

Here are some ways that you can connect with us, with the intention that you grow and flourish as a believer and help others to do so too!

Joining the Church: 

If you want to find out more about who we are, how it all works, and what we can expect of one another through membership of the local church, then our Joining the Church course is your next step.

We run these courses once a term during our normal Sunday morning meeting so that you don’t need to find a spare evening in the week or make family or childcare arrangements.


Acts 2.38 shows that the New Testament church saw baptism in water as the very first step of faith and obedience in following Jesus and joining his church family. We also take baptism seriously and expect every Christian to take this step early on in their walk with God.

Baptisms are a great celebration of new life, and a chance for the local church to connect with your friends and family who may not yet know Jesus or understand the steps of faith you have taken. Our next Baptism Celebration is on Sunday 11th June 2017. To find out more or to confirm that you want to be baptised please contact us.



Join a Small Group:

We are supposed to grow in community; Sunday meetings are vital, but Small Groups are where we learn so much more about loving Jesus, loving one another and expressing our love for Crawley in practical ways. The majority of our pastoral care also takes place within the Small Group environment. Why not visit some of our groups, find some people that you can grow with and start to play your part? For more information about our Small Groups which meet on weekday evenings and daytimes please  contact us.