Crawley Community Church

Local church, New Ground, New Frontiers – How it works.

How is CCC structured?

The church is led by Steve and Caz Alliston who moved to Crawley to lead in 2013, sent out from Jubilee Community Church, East Grinstead.  Steve is on the paid staff of the church and leads as an Elder. Justin Fletcher has been a non-staff Elder since 2005 and leads with Steve. Justin and his wife Alison have been a part of the church since 1996.

In the summer 2014 we have started an emerging leadership team, which meets every week to pray, eat and plan together. Joining the Allistons and the Fletchers at this stage are Chris and Nicola Johnston and Dave and Ali Swann.

What is New Frontiers and how does this relationship work?

The New Frontiers family of churches grew under the leadership of Terry Virgo, and there are now over 700 churches around the world. All share a common sense of family and are commited to New Testament values, and are churches which have a high view of both the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Terry has become known for his rich understanding of the Grace of God which has impacted the foundations of so many of our churches and brought a distinctive freedom.
We are not a denomination, and in the last three years, the New Frontiers family has multiplied out into a number of smaller groups, or spheres, each led by Apostolic teams. We are thrilled to be part of New Ground, a group of  around 40 churches, in partnership with Dave Holden and his team. Dave leads New Community Church in South East London. New Ground is working with churches and leaders not just in the UK, but pioneering into France, The Netherlands, Italy and Romania.

In the New Testament Apostolic partnerships are not imposed, nor do they dictate. Local teams of Elders are responsible for leading local churches. However, we are eager to invite in Apostolic teams, which are a gift from God to help shape us and work together for our growth. This is open, a giving and receiving nature of our relationship with Dave, and with the other New Ground churches.


What are some of the key scriptures that shape us?

The whole bible is wonderful, but here are some of the passages which define our mission and call in Crawley and how we are going to go about things.

Isaiah 61, Matt 28.18-20, Acts 1.8, Acts 2.42-47, Eph 2.19-22, Eph 4.11-15