Crawley Community Church


Steve & Caz Alliston

Steve and Caz moved to Crawley during the summer of 2013 with their family after serving the leadership team in East Grinstead church for eight years. A previous ten years to that they were church planting around north Manchester. They have three children, Noah, Daisy and Jude who are at university, college and school (respectively).
In January 2014 Keith Crump who had been leading the church since 1992, handed over responsibility for leading the church to Steve, with support and encouragement from Dave Holden and the New Ground team.



Richard & Rachel Bailey

Richard is married to Rachel and they have been in Crawley Community Church together since 2007.  Richard works for Tearfund and is also studying at St Augustine’s College of Theology.  On the 13th November 2016 Richard came into Eldership.







Justin & Alison Fletcher

Justin came into Eldership in 2006 and is married to Alison, they have three children and have been in the church since 1996.   Justin works locally in an engineering company and Alison heads up the Jungle Tots ministry.   Together they help mentor our small groups.







Chris & Nicola Johnston

Chris and Nicola with their two children came to Crawley Community Church back in 2013 having moved back to the UK from Italy.  Chris works for a French multinational company and joined our Eldership team on the 13th November 2016.  Together Chris and Nicola oversee the youth work and help mentor our small group leaders.





Joe & Amy Stevens

Joe has grown up in our church family and in 2012 married Amy, they now have two children (with a third on the way).  Joe took on a Church staff role in 2016 and shares his time working for the local church and also our wider family of churches through New Ground.  Joe came into Eldership on the 13th November 2016 and heads up our worship teams.





Dave & Alison Swann

Dave and Ali have been part of the Church family since the very first days of the church starting back in 1978.  They have been in long term missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and continue to work with them through their globally ministry (.. read more).  In 2010 along with their family they came back to be based in Crawley and on the 13th November 2016 Dave came into Eldership.