Crawley Community Church

Our Vision

To be a diverse church, equipped to impact the local community and beyond.


IMG_1306Diverse: There are over 100,000 people in Crawley, most of whom are not yet followers of Jesus. Our desire is to make disciples of many: people from all kinds of social backgrounds, all kinds of races, young and old. An authentic church is one that reflect’s God’s heart for this new kind of worshipping family on a mission together.


Equipped: We equip believers of all ages by helping them to grow up and mature as followers of Jesus. This process  is called discipleship, and helps us leave behind the thinking and attitudes of our culture and to be shaped more and more like Jesus. Jesus himself commanded his followers with his final words to them, to go and make disciples, teaching them to obey everything he had commanded them. We want to take this instruction seriously by being a church community where we intentionally help people that want to grow so that the mission into the world also grows.


Impact: The New Testament church had a visible and measurable impact in every community where they were established. Our expectation is that non Christians will be saved and added into the church. The exciting promises of the bible give us an expectation that the gospel is good news, to the poor, the broken hearted, the captive. We expect to see increasing impact amongst our society – seeing lives transformed by the Holy Spirit, bodies healed, minds restored, lives rebuilt.


CrawleyLocal Community: We live in Crawley, we work in Crawley, we have friends in Crawley – We love Crawley because Jesus first and foremost loves the 100,000 plus people that live here!  We are a church that is FOR our town, wanting to play our part, to serve and engage with the whole community.

We want to be deliberate about our mission to demonstrate the good news of the gospel to a town which doesn’t always recognise the relevance of our message. That means we will make room for friendships, encouraging Christians in the workplace or volunteer organisations, playing our part in being salt and light in the town and believing the best for Crawley. The town motto is a quote from Seneca, ‘I grow and I rejoice”. We think this is a great prayer for a town which Jesus loves deeply – it’s our desire to see a growing, fruitful, healthy and happy community because of the influence of the gospel.


europe-mapBeyond: From the 100,000 to the nations – an authentic New Testament church is always looking and praying for the advance of God’s kingdom beyond it’s own local boundaries. Crawley is a big multi-cultural town with an internal hub airport – therefore, the local church must become a church of the nations and a church for the nations.

It’s our expectation to not only grow in ethnic and language diversity, but to see connections and engagements growing into other nations. We are already serving church planting in Italy and Romania as a part of the New Ground Team. In addition, we are working with other UK based churches to strengthen and support the New Frontiers family of churches in Zambia.




Some key scriptures that fuel the mission:  The whole bible is wonderful, but here are some of the passages which define our mission and call in Crawley and how we are going to go about things.

Isaiah 54:1-3, Isaiah 61, Matt 28.18-20, Acts 1.8, Acts 2.42-47, Eph 2.19-22, Eph 4.11-15