Crawley Community Church

Small Groups

At CCC we come together every Sunday in a celebration-style meeting but there’s so much more than our Sunday morning meeting! We also meet together during the week in small groups which are an important part of living life fully engaged in the church.

Finding a group you’ll be nurtured, equipped to serve and built up in faith. They are communities where we can find encouragement to find all that living with Jesus as King brings and all in a way that is just not possible during a Sunday celebration.

Each Group has a leader to provide basic pastoral care and ensure that the group functions together.  The purpose of each group is to build each other up in a community by helping, befriending and encouraging each other and whilst doing so, live a missional life reaching out to others.

Evening Groups
Our evening Groups have a mid-week gathering on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Daytime Group
If you’re free on a Wednesday afternoon why not come along to our Daytime Small Group which runs from The Charis Centre between 12:30 and 3.00pm.

What can I expect to find when I visit a group?

Groups can enjoy each other’s company over a meal or socialising. When groups meet together you can expect there are the following elements that help give a structure and backdrop to get the most from the time:

Welcome  – We all have real lives and they often don’t leave us immediately ready to relax and open up so we always kick off with an icebreaker. The Welcome helps us to feel welcome and cared about:  as we come together,  it allows everyone to talk and interact, bringing the group to a common focus.

Worship – Worship is when we focus upwards towards God. It is a time when we find God’s presence drawing near to us; things can really happen in God’s presence!

Word – The Word is God speaking to us through the Bible. We take the Bible verses that formed the basis of the message on Sunday and look to apply the teaching to our lives.

Works – Works time is when we focus outwards on the needs of those outside of the group by praying or planning to help meet a need or inviting others to an event.

An active involvement with one of our groups is an important part of membership in CCC and provides a way to engage in faith-focused life on our mission to grow and make disciples.