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Zambia: Kitwe, kingdom, kids & craft!

Zambia: Kitwe, kingdom, kids & craft!

Our Crawley team returned from Kitwe, Zambia last week following a full and fruitful time at the New Frontiers Apostolic base in the city. Steve and Caz Alliston have been partnering with Joseph and Lilian Mwila and their growing family of churches for the last 12 years or so, and the Crawley church has connected in so strongly in the last couple of years.

Our team of 7 had a number of priorities in serving the churches. Firstly, we worked hard to decorate the girls home for the 20 or so young ladies who would otherwise be on the streets. In adIMG_0471dition, we were able to run two days of sewing workshops, teaching the girls some new skills, and leaving them with hand crafted aprons to show for their work.

Alongside the practical support, we’ve been exploring business and education ideas, looking to see workshops established teaching practical skills that can provide employment, and even partnerships into existing schools and the longer term founding of a university in the city of Kitwe.

Finally, we were able to teach for two days on the School of Leadership (their equivalent of the New Ground Academy), with some Pastors having travelled for over 20 hours on the bus to learn with us. I was asked to teach on kingdom healing and breakthrough, and in the afternoons we took the School of Leadership into the city to practise prophetic evangelism. It was thrilling to see 41 people responding to the gospel and some immediate healing miracles over these two sessions. Even more exciting was to see leaders stirred to take this simple model back to their churches.

A personal highlight for the whole Crawley team was to take 50 kids and helpers out for lunch on Saturday. These are the children who are sponsored through our church members, to enable them to stay in families and in school, rather than living on the streets. It was deeply moving to talk, laugh, share stories and pray with these precious young people. We are working hard to see the administrative base grow so that more children can be helped in this way.

Our Sunday with the vibrant Kitwe church was wonderful, 100’s crammed under the thatch on a warm Zambian winter’s morning. IMG_0469Dancing, celebrating, the team all contributing, then time to pray with many responding to the word and seeking healing. Again, we saw some immediate healing miracles for which we thank God!

We are so privileged to have our hearts joined to these dear friends. We know that we have received far more than we ever give, and we look forward to partnering with other UK churches to see this important Apostolic sphere strengthened and established as the kingdom advances joyfully in Zambia.

Steve Alliston