Opening Day At the Charis Centre..

Easter 2011 saw Jungle Tots move from our Springfield Road premise to a prefab building at the back of The Charis Centre. The building had previously been occupied by West Green School’s preschool Bumble Bees but we were keen to put our own Jungle theme to it. The process of this saw us take 3 weeks off over the Easter Holidays and during this time we transformed the building into a fantastic jungle play space.

The building required a lot of work and so we were very blessed to have a team of builders come in and help us renovate those bits that needed it, inside and outside.  We were also really blessed by the number of friends and church members who came along to help paint and transform the building.   In particular we are so thankful to one of our old Jungle Tots dads who, interestingly enough had seen his children use the building many years ago, first as a nursery for the hospital and then as the Bumble Bees preschool before they moved onto West Green Primary School, he came in and fitted us with a fantastic kitchen area which serves us brilliantly.  We have also been very blessed by Claire, one of our volunteers, and her creative flair and ability to paint us fantastic Jungle Animals that appear everywhere, thanks Claire!  This has certainly added to making it a true jungle atmosphere.  After 3 weeks of hard work we were ready to fling open the doors and celebrate out new Jungle Tots building, and it really was an amazing celebration.  We officially celebrated our opening by inviting all those who had helped us as well as all our Jungle Tots and we had a great party one Saturday with a bbq where we really did fill our new Jungle Tots venue both with adults and children and with lots of fun!


It’s so lovely to see the children enjoy Jungle Tots at the Charis Centre and we are looking forward to many more years opening up our doors to the local community of Crawley.

We are still running Jungle Tots the same, we have 2 hours where we have both a structured time of craft and stories and songs and also non structured time when the children are able to play with the toys that are out.  We have a 4 week rotation of toys and so it’s not the same toys out each week but with our new building we have been able to have more children come along and play at Jungle Tots which is great.  On a sunny day we have a really good open garden space at the back with a huge sand pit and a tarmac area for ride on toys to go which is just brilliant for the kids.  We really love our new building for Jungle Tots and we would love you to come along and join us, we are there every week in term time, 9.30 am til 11.30 am on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so it would be great to see you